Bente Skansgård´s Independent Living Fund

The fund´s logo with a green tree.

The fund shall increase knowledge about the Independent Living movement by providing financial support for the exchange of experience and competence between disabled people. The fund can also grant support to initiatives to improve the general population’s knowledge and understanding of the oppression of disabled people.

– The application deadline is February 9th, so apply now, says Vibeke Marøy Melstrøm, general secretary of Uloba. I encourage everyone to think large and encourage others to apply. We want to receive as many applications as possible, she says

What can you apply for?

The foundation support disabled people through grants for studies, study trips, development projects, information work, peer counselling and other work that aims to promote disabled people’s possibilities for freedom, self-determination and participation in society and in the labour market. It is a precondition that the measures for which support is granted are based on the principle that disabled people are the experts on their own situation, both as individuals and as a group, and are therefore best suited to provide advice and guidance to other disabled people (peer). The Independent Living slogan “nothing about us without us” shall govern measures aimed at increasing the level of knowledge about disabled people’s situation among the general population.

Support for attending the Independent Living Festival 2023!

Deltakere i Stolthetsparaden samlet på Universitetsplassen
“Stolthetsparaden” at the Independent Living festival.

 We wish to prompt that you can apply to the fund for support for expenses related to participate at the Independent Living Festival 2023. Expenses for the festival can, for example, be travel and accommodation for yourself and any assistants.

How to apply

Applications must be received by the board of the foundation by the deadline. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. The subject field must be marked with ‘Application’ and ‘year’ (for example: ‘Application 2021’). All applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of their application by e-mail. Please admit applications before February 9th 2023 to this adress.

The application must contain, as a minimum:

  • A brief presentation of the applicant
  • A title describing the activity that the application concerns
  • The basis for and purpose of the activity
  • A description of the activity, as well as the planned time and place
  • A description of the activity’s expected effect
  • The total budget for the activity
  • The budget must give a concrete application sum and time estimate for the activity. (If financial support is sought from other sources, this must be stated.)
  • Funds will not be awarded for ordinary operating expenses
  • Contact information, including e-mail address, phone number and address, and bank account number (outside of Norway, also an IBAN number) 


Everyone who receives funding from the foundation undertakes to prepare a final report about the completed activity. The report must be submitted to the foundation no later than two months after the activity took place. If the activity period exceeds one year, semi-annual reports must be submitted in addition to the final report. Both the application and final report must be submitted in one of the following languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

Other matters

Applicants that are awarded funds, will be informed of this in writing (by e-mail). Applicants will not be informed if their application is rejected. Information about applications granted will be posted on the foundation’s website on the 9th of May.

Click here to send application or ask questions. 

Bente Skansgård was one of the founders of Uloba. She received a Fullbright-scholarship, travelled to USA discovered the Independent Living movement and introduced personal assistance to Norway. 

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