Registreringsmodus mangler

Registreringsmodus er ikke definert og forespørselen kan derfor ikke behandles.




User name

  • Din epostadress = "Your email adress"
    This will be your username in Uloba.
  • Email confirmation will be sent to this adress.

Password Rules:

  • Length must be 8 to 20 characters.
  • The password can not contain your user name or partial name of the user.
  • Must contain at least one uppercase letter (AZ) and at least one
    lowercase letter (az).
  • Must contain at least one number (0-9) and / or special characters
    (for example:! &% +).
  • We recommend NOT to use the letters Æ Ø Å
  • We recommend that you use a sentence as passwords,
    (for example:% Mathematics is difficult).
  • Press button "Fortsett til steg 2" for continue registration.