Uloba-rådgiver  i dialog med to personer ved Ulobas stand.
Uloba´s stand at Arendalsuka.
Foto: Caroline Ramnæs

Uloba provides

Uloba has a dedicated team of disabled experts who support our members and are working to further enhance the personal assistance scheme.

Uloba provides: 

  • training and meetings for work leaders with a personal assistance scheme
  • a manual for work leaders
  • peer counselling and support of work leaders and disabled people who want to be a part of the coop Uloba
  • general information to disabled people, families and professionals
  • seminars, lectures
  • a forum for personal assistants
  • a manual for personal assistants
  • the web site www.uloba.no
  • the magazine Selvsagt and pamphlets

Uloba – a political organization

Uloba has been the most important advocator for making personal assistance an individual legal right for people who need assistance. All parties in the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) voted in favour of this in June 2014.

More on this in the news story "A small revolution".

Uloba continue to fight for those disabled people in need of assistance who can not, from 1. January 2015 on, claim the right. We also campaign for including personal assistance in the social insurance legislation, like it is in Sweden.

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