Remy i rullestol trekker barn på akebrett gjennom Frognerparken
Foto: Felberg

Uloba provides

Uloba has a good team of disabled experts who play an important part in the development on personal assistance. We provide:
  • ​training and meetings for work leaders
  • a manual for the work leaders
  • peer counselling and support of work leaders and disabled people who want to be a part of the coop
  • general information to disabled people, families and professionals
  • seminars, lectures
  • a forum for personal assistants
  • a manual for personal assistants
  • web site ( )
  • magazines, pamphlets

Uloba wants personal assistance to be an individual legal right for people who need assistance, and included in the social insurance legislation, like it is in Sweden.

Uloba wants to keep the definition of self-direction high. The support for personal assistance is good just because the satisfaction with the service is so good compared to the municipal services. But there are plenty of people who want to soften the impact of self-direction or consumer control. Therefore Uloba has tried to identify the most important elements to secure the control of the assistance in the hands of the disabled person.

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