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What is PA in Uloba?

In Uloba, we are not a group in need of “special care”, but ordinary citizens with a family, job, travel-dreams and much more.
What does a personal assistant do? (audio description in english)​

We are of course just as diverse as other people. Some of us need assistance for driving, communicate, make food for friends, eat, read, clear away the snow and split firewood. Others need assistance to get up in the morning, put on make up, shop, go to the cinema, go on vacation, maintenance of technical aids or meet the autumn in the mountains.

  • Uloba is a non-commercial cooperative owned and run by disabled people.
  • Uloba’s owners are all leaders for their personal assistants.
  • Uloba is the employer of the owners’ personal assistants.
  • Uloba focuses on providing the owners with peer training and peer counselling.
  • Uloba’s peer counsellors facilitate training and support for the owners in leadership skills.
  • Uloba’s owners recruit, train, schedule, supervise and if necessary fire assistants who do not cope with the job.

Uloba’s owners have full control over the assistance; who is to be employed, with which tasks, how, where and at what times. Uloba is owned and run by people who know what it means to live with personal assistance. Personal assistance in Uloba is custom-designed by the owners’ taste and way of life. Uloba also works politically in order to secure equal opportunities for disabled people.
Uloba is empowering!

Uloba enables us to take our proper place in society, family, work and mainstream life - with all the rights and duties that non-disabled take for granted. With personal assistance we are no longer dependent on our families. Parents and partners do not need to provide necessary assistance.

  • With personal assistance we can take our fair share of household chores and child-care.
  • Personal assistance enables us to study and hold a job.
  • When we fall in love, our partners do not have to fear that they are about to sign up for a 24- hour duty.

In Norway, the municipalities have always had a monopoly when it comes to providing services. Many experience these services as paternalistic and inflexible. Uloba represents the opposite focus; empowerment and independence. 

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