Rullestolbruker i tunnellbanen, venter på tog på full perrong
Foto: Christian Houge

About Uloba

Uloba Independent Living Norway was founded in 1991. The cooperative is run in accordance with the principles of the Independent Living Movement: Empowerment, full citizenship and human rights.

The Independent Living Movement started as a grass-root movement in the US in the 1970s. Black people’s civil rights movement, and especially Martin Luther King Jr., was a great source of inspiration to the pioneers of the Independent Living Movement.

Our goal

As an Independent Living organization, our goal is a world where disabled can participate in all parts of society. Uloba follow two paths in our work for achieving this goal:

We allow our disabled members to empower themselves by becoming managers in their own personal assistance schemes. Uloba are the employer for our members` 6000 assistants.

We are a political organization promote the interests of disabled people both nationally and internationally. We use the slogan “Nothing about us without us!”

New members are welcome

Uloba welcomes everyone who wants personal assistance. Uloba facilitate personal assistance services in approximately 150 Norwegian municipalities, in all regions of the country. We run 26 percent of all personal assistance programs in Norway.

Uloba is owned by disabled people and is run on a non-commercial basis.
We are the only Independent Living organization in Norway.


The only difference between disabled and non-disabled is that many of us need assistance on a daily basis, some of us 24 hours a day. People who need assistance several times a day can easily feel entirely dependent on others and powerless. An owner in Uloba is expected to take the same responsibility as a company manager. Gaining control over your own assistance is therefore a process of empowerment. 
Uloba’s headquarter is located in Drammen, 40 km outside the capital Oslo. Our peer counsellors are based in all Norwegian regions. The majority of the employees in Uloba’s administration are disabled, many of whom have personal assistance.

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